Winter Mountaineering Course - Scotland


ROCK CLIMBING - CUMBRIA (Lakes) (1 to 4 days),
SNOWDONIA (3 to 5 days)

NAVIGATION Courses - CUMBRIA (Lakes) (1 or 2 days)

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Video - How a karabina is made

Have a look at how DMM makes Karabinas and you’ll be amazed they’re so cheap in the shops! from Dave Gill on Vimeo.
Krabs Carabinas Inspecting climbing equipment; making carabinas, scramble alloys,

Catching up with myself!

Time has flewn past, even with the intermittently wet weather we've still had loads of great days out.

Kransic Crack, VS 4c
Laura's been developing her lead climbing at Shepherd's Crag - Fisher's Folly and Kransic Krack (Borrowdale rock); at Trowbarrow - Jean Jeanie and Coral Sea (Limestone); I should mention that whilst JJ is a fantastic classic it will fall down one day, just make sure you're not there when it does!; and at Castle Rock.
Trowbarrow - Coral Sea
Shepherds Crag - Fisher's Folly VS 4c, 4c
She's learning fast and, additional to the above, we've climbed together in Langdale and on Idwal Slabs in Snowdonia.

And I've managed to get out and climb more classic routes in between everything.

Castle Rock - North Crag Eliminate E1 4b,5a,5b
........stand on the tip of the tree, don't imagine how you'd be impaled if you slipped whilst you stretch above the overhang, 40 metres above the ground, then swing rightwards in space before moving up

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Inspecting Climbing Gear

Want to check your climbing kit - see videos from petzl:

It includes video about Inspecting Ropes, Helmets etc etc. haven't managed to look at it myself yet because of slow internet access here at a stiflingly hot German OutDoor trade show.
I'm at a trade show, not open to the public, where everything Outdoor (Bikes to Bogey Boards; Bicycles to Bivy Bags; Fleece jackets to Family tents) is presented to European retailers and promote their products for 2011.
When I get a quiet moment I'll be heading around this massive show to see what new wonderful climbing / scrambling / mountain gear might be coming out next year.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Mountain Day - Wet but Fun

Today I took a group of 10 "executives" on a long mountain day walking over Lingmoor, through the "squeeze" on Side Pike, and to the top of Pike of Blisco before returning to the valley. We were in dense clouds on the final summit which necessitated compass bearing and altitute work to ensure we stood on the correct top (many people stand on a subsidiary thinking it's the summit)
A great group, it rained all day but nothing dampened their enthusiasm.

Pike of Blisco
Lingmoor Fell
Decending Pike of Blisco             The "squeeze" on Side Pike

Friday, 9 July 2010

Lower Scout Crag - Learning to Lead

Today we headed to Lower Scout in Langdale.
We started with movement skills and body positioning on the lower boulders. Next we placed 'nuts and 'cams and built a belay. Then L used the retrievable abseil technique we practiced yesterday (with a prussick for safety) to abseil down a route, stopping to place gear and extenders.

I then abseiled down, checking the gear and advising on positioning before L led the route on the gear they'd pre-placed.

So from starting with a 'Diff' on Monday L is now leading Severe + and self-protecting on abseil.

A fast learner (forgot my camera again!)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Learning Abseiling skills

Today L practice, and did, a retrievable abseil, including the use of a prussick for self protection. Due to rain we went to Kendal Wall and climbed indoors, this included a 22 metre lead up a steep wall (French 5+ grade) by L.
With the (secretive) backup support of another instructor I took an opportunity to make a surprise fall from an overhanging wall so she could experience (and hold!) a falling lead climber. Apparently the fall was spectacular.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Raven Crag, Rock Climbing Course

Headed to Langdale to practice leading rock climbs. This was L's first lead climbing.
Laura practicing leading on Raven Crag.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

A day with no Mountains! or rock

Went to my daughters Annual General Inspection. They did extreemly well, the weather was perfect and the aircraft fly-past was superb. (Few photos because there are under 18's included).

A great day.