Winter Mountaineering Course - Scotland


ROCK CLIMBING - CUMBRIA (Lakes) (1 to 4 days),
SNOWDONIA (3 to 5 days)

NAVIGATION Courses - CUMBRIA (Lakes) (1 or 2 days)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Lakes Scrambles

Four linked scrambles today, checking them out for future adventures.
I started with a wonderful exploration of a deep ghyl at Grade 1;

then onto the open fell and an outstanding Grade 3 on rough rock, finishing near a sumit before walking across and down a scree shute - where I was very surprised to find a very square cave, fantastic place for a lunch break on a damp day. Then I followes a sheep track to what i thought would be a remote and hard to find scramble. As i stepped over teh final heather to the start of the rocky ridge I almost stepped on a sleeping scrambler - the first I'd seen on rock today, and the most remote place too!
He suggested another route in the same area so after summiytting I was off for the 4th scramble of the day. A wonderfull link-up of routes
Grade 1 - ghyl
Grade 2/3 - open rock face to summit
Grade 3+ to another summit
Grade 3
Then down for a pint!
On the way I saw loads of our carniverous plants - shown are Sundew and Liverwort - plants that "catch" and digest insects.

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