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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

4x4 Off Road in the National Parks

OFF-road enthusiasts claim they are being persecuted and forced off the hills after a landmark High Court ruling. An appeal in London has decreed that 4x4s should be banned from an iconic Lakeland route after a legal battle which has rumbled on for five years.

There's a survey being done on the access for 4x4 off-road vehicles in the Lakes District, and currently 79% of people say off-road vehicles should be allowed on green lanes in national parks.

I'm in favour of everyone enjoying their activities in a responsible way, but if the 4x4 lobby appear to have overwhelming (eg 79%) approval for this type of access then there is potential for this to be used as a stick by irresponsible users claiming they have general acceptance of this type of use.

Organized activities and responsible use is good, but indescriminate careless abuse is not. Please get voting.

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